Good News for Gujarat government Employees

Good News for Gujarat government Employees.

Announcing this today, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Bhai Patel said that 5.28 lakh employees would get their salaries on time. No cuts will be made in state employees. The lockdown has led to a decline in revenue in the state. However, the state government will not make any cuts in the salaries of employees. 2 thousand 600 crore will be paid regularly. 4 lakh 57 thousand pensioners will also be paid on time. The government has promised to pay a whopping Rs 4,000 crore every month.

Expressing gratitude to the government employees, Nitin Patel said that all the government employees who have been entrusted with the task are serving the people of Gujarat.

At such a time, the government has decided not to cause any trouble to these employees. Traders and businessmen are currently cooperating with the Gujarat government and the health department in the lockdown of Gujarat. Then I thank everyone.

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